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Studio Policies

Attendance Tuition and Family Materials Fee

Tuition covers all studio expenses including teaching time, new classroom materials, classroom materials maintenance, lesson planning time, continuing education, and licensing. Family materials are required for all attending 5 or more classes. The materials fee must be paid before your first class. 

Toddler Time, Babies Sing, Family Music - $25/class with discounts for committing to 5 or more classes

Cycle of Seasons - $30/class - must commit to 8 - discounts for signing up for full session.


Studio Schedule

Babies Sing, Toddler Time, and Family Music are 1/2 hour long. Cycle of Seasons is 45 minutes long. Session 1 and Session 2 are 14 or 15 weeks long depending on the calendar. Summer session is determined in the spring. You can find the current dates on the class details page. 


Missed Lessons

If you've committed to the full session, there will be no reimbursement for missed lessons on the student's side. If a class is canceled due to a teacher absence, you will receive a credit for your next session.

Those who sign up for fewer than the full session will only pay for what they come to. 


Classroom Location

Sessions 1 and 2 will be held indoors. Summer session will be held outdoors weather permitting.


Withdrawing from Classes

Should you decide this is not a good fit for you, please email me your intention to leave. You will be reimbursed 50% of your tuition.


Studio Expectations

  1. Please keep all distractions (toys, pacifiers, etc) in the car. Kids can hyper focus on them rather than the lesson.

  2. All kids learn differently. Some children will spend the entire lesson staring mutely as we sing and dance. Others will wander around the area. Provided they are not being disruptive or dangerous, all that is welcome. If I notice things getting out of control, I will return them to their grown-ups lap.

  3. Sing, dance, and play your own instruments or body unless otherwise directed. Children will learn best by watching their grown-up and moving at their own developmental and comfort level. 

  4. Have fun! Making music in a group is a joyful experience!

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